Windermere’s Online Listing Syndication FAQs

Why is it worth my time to learn how Windermere’s online listings work?

An average of 82% of home buyers today use the Internet to search for homes,* and buyers and sellers are increasingly web savvy. So it’s only a matter of time before a seller asks you for your online marketing plan or raises questions about where and when their listing will appear online. Windermere provides a robust online advertising program to get your listings on all the best real estate sites, which saves you time, money and trouble, and gives your clients peace of mind that their home has effective internet exposure to home buyers on all the top sites. This document addresses some of the most common questions you and your clients are likely to have about this online marketing toolkit.

How and when does listing information get onto
Which other sites are we on?
Why don’t my listings and listing updates appear instantly on these partner sites?
How does Windermere choose these partner syndication sites?
Why don’t we syndicate listings to Craigslist and how do I get my listings there?
Where can I learn more about Windermere’s online advertising toolkit?